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Password Security (Part 2)

In password security part 1, I explained about the importance of having a strong password as the first and most important line of defence in any security strategy. I also gave you a site that allowed you to test how secure your password is (testing is essential in...

Free Stuff! – A Free Word Processor

I like free stuff. Of course the problem with that is that often they don’t meet the standards of what I want from the said product. When it comes to office products(word processor, spreadsheet) , I have tried Libre Office as a free alternative to Microsoft...

Password Security (part 1)

Password security is, to me, the first (and most important) line of defence in the battle against hackers and cyber criminals. It’s also the least high tech, the most ignored and abused line of defence. It’s human nature to look for the super, high tech,...
Why The Petya Virus Hit So Hard

Why The Petya Virus Hit So Hard

It has been a while since I looked up a Microsoft security bulletin. There is no reason to keep up with security bulletins if you are not working in a particular space. The landscape changes pretty quickly, and old information is useless. However, when the Petya Virus...